4 Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Their Blogs

So you’re a small business, and you’ve recently created a website for it. That’s great news, but unfortunately it’s not enough. In order to keep your customers updated regularly, and to promote your business even further, you’ll need to set up a blog too. When it comes time to do that, you’ll want to make sure that you avoid these most common mistakes that many small business owners make.

Creating unfocused blog posts
The focus and purpose of your overall blog is likely to draw in more customers, reach them often, and keep them updated with what’s going on with your business. But in addition to having an overall focus, you also need to have a focus for each and every blog post. Maybe it’s to direct customers to your product page, maybe it’s to inform them about a sale you’re having, or maybe it’s just to simply promote your business. If you embark on creating a blog post without a specific focus, it will seem disjointed and unorganized, and probably won’t make a lot of sense to customers. Have a focus, keep a focus, and create your content with only that focus in mind. It will be clearer to your customers, and your blog posts will do exactly what you want them to.

Promoting your business too much
You might not think that it’s possible to promote your business too much, but to your customers, you can. That’s especially true when they visit a page expecting to be educated or informed about something, and they find they’re just trying to be sold something. Customers don’t want to be sold something all the time, especially when the Internet is supposed to be about information. Promotional copy doesn’t help them, doesn’t inform them or anything, and can actually be quite annoying. Promotional posts are okay once in a while, such as when you’re having a sale or have a new product in stock. But try to keep them to a minimum and spend the rest of the time actually informing and helping your customers.

Having the same type of content all the time
If every time you create a blog post you’re simply writing out a bunch of text and publishing it, people are going to lose interest quickly. This is a new day and age from the time when the Internet was first invented. Users now expect more than just a few paragraphs that have been thrown together. They want to see pictures and videos along with that text, and often all in the same blog post.

Not breaking up content
Using audio and video is a great way to break up the content of your blog posts – and this is something else that users want to see. Again, clogging up a blog post with tons of text and little else will only make users tired – and they’re not going to want to sit for hours and read through the entire thing. Make sure you break up that content with audio, video, headings, subheadings, bulleted and numbered lists, and visual graphics.

When you want to make sure that you have the most dynamic content on your blog, make sure that you do not make any of these four most common mistakes.