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Who we are, and what we do.

About Us

AMHosting, LLC is a privately held web hosting company based out of Torrance, California with Facilities in Tempe, Arizona and have been providing Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, email and colocation solutions since 1997. Formerly known as American Internet we have established a solid foundation to offer reliable and secure web hosting solutions. Our data center provides a premium, secure hosting environment for hundreds of servers monitored 24/7/365 by experienced technicians.

AMHosting was created in 1997 and initially hosted our Web Servers in remote collocation facilities in cities such as Reno, San Jose, San Diego, and St. Louis. We then grew to a level where we needed to further improve the quality of service and expand our capabilities. In 1999 we opened our data center in Reno, NV which we owned and operated. In 2013 we relocated to a new facility in Tempe, AZ. As the hosting business continues to grow, we continue to improve our network, our facility, our products, and our team.

Over time, we have learned what customers look for in a hosting company: fast and reliable service, fair business practices, speedy and accurate technical support, affordable prices, and a complete section of products and services.


Located in Tempe, Arizona, the facility is located in one of the safest geographical locations on the planet. The Phoenix area is free from nearly all natural disasters such as hurricance, tornadoes, and earthquakes. While close enough to the airport for a $10 cab ride, the facility is well outside of the airport's critical incident zone freeing it from the possibility of any airborne disasters.


The data center is a carrier neutral facility connected to two of the largest POPs in the area. As a result, customers have direct access to connectivity from multiple carriers in multiple locations. If convenience is preferred, we can include our managed, blended Internet service. The facility uses Cisco equipment to receive 10 GB Ethernet connectivity from diverse-path private fiber connections going to two geographically diverse locations.

Uninterrupted Power

The data center is served by a 1.25MW automatic diesel generator and a 625 kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Both systems undergo rigorous routine maintenance and all controls receive regular status review by our staff.

High Density Cooling

The facility is separated into two data centers offering different levels of service. The north data center is a hot room using cold-aisle containment to achieve maximum cooling efficiency allowing the use of a cabinet's full power potential. The south data center will operate as a traditional cold room allowing colocation customers to lease cage space in any configuration desired.