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How Do I Change My Hosting Plan

To change your hosting plan (either the hosting plan OS or the billing cycle length or both), log into your Account Manager and go to Order Service (under the "General Information" row) -> Hosting Package Change -> Select Linux or Windows, and the desired billing cycle length from the drop-down menu, and click Continue -> confirm your change and select your payment method, and click Finish at the lower right corner. Changing operating systems can take as long as 6 hours to take effect, due to having to update the IP address on the account, during which time your web site may be unavailable. This change will not affect the email server. Billing Changing the billing cycle will begin a new billing cycle effective at the time of the change, and any used fees from your previous hosting plan will be applied to your account on a pro-rated basis. If there is a balance due, you will be given the choice of payment method. Server OS Please note the following restrictions on the server OS: Windows - Windows accounts may not use PHP, which means most of the scripts available through the Install Popular Scripts tool won't work because they are coded in PHP. - Windows is slightly more expensive than Linux due to licensing fees charged by Microsoft. - Windows accounts allow the use of only one FTP user. - Secure FTP is not available for Windows hosting accounts. - SSH/shell access is not available for Windows hosting accounts. - Python, Perl and Ruby are not available for Windows hosting accounts. Linux - Linux accounts will not allow the use of proprietary Microsoft web technology such as Active Server Pages (ASP), the .NET framework, or Access databases. Both - Microsoft FrontPage and Web Expressions may be used on both Windows and Linux hosting accounts. - MySQL databases may be used on both Windows and Linux hosting accounts.