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How do I setup my own SSL Certificate

We currently offer two methods of having an SSL certificate installed to your web hosting services. All options for SSL certificate installation can be found under the "SSL," icon in your Account Manager.

You can either use our automated Let's Encrypt option for a free SSL certificate, or you can use a privately purchased SSL certificate.

Let's Encrypt:
You will select the top option for "Enable Lets Encrypt Free SSL."
Once this has completed installing, you will receive an email that it has completed installing, at which time you can select the "SSL," icon in your Account Manager to require SSL usage.

Private SSL:
We currently do not provide private SSL Certificates; you will need to find a private SSL Certificate provider (May be referred to as Certificate Authority) to provide your private SSL certificate.

We will need to generate a CSR (Certificate Sign Request) for use with the SSL certificate provider of your choosing. You can have this generated by selecting "Generate a CSR for a SSL Certificate from a SSL Provider." The top section for the contact information MUST be correct or the SSL certificate will be invalid.
The bottom section will be all the domain names you wish your SSL certificate to be registered with. Select continue and you will be provided your CSR. You will take that to the SSL Certificate provider of your choice.

They will create the SSL certificate and provide you with a text version of both the SSL certificate and the CA (Certificate Authority) certificate. You can install these by selecting "Install SSL Certificate."

The SSL certificate provider may ask which type of web server software that is in use. The software is Apache for Linux hosting, and Windows for Windows hosting.